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Prom Dresses Birmingham - Choosing the right prom dress for you

Decide which skin tone. Experts in the fashion industry say that the colour of your prom dress will have a huge effect on youralyce-paris-prom-dress-with-gorgeous-back-design-6774 final look. You need to choose a dress colour that willcompliment your skin tone. An example being, darker skin tones should avoid brown, black and orange. Ladies with a fair complexion should not wear outfits that are white, pastel or gold and medium complexions should avoid wearing dresses that are orange, brown and caramel. If you are not sure what your skin tone is, then find a beauty therapist or make  up specialist and ask them which dress colours you should go for.

Prom-Dress-Alyce--6082Now fully armed with your skin tone, grab your best friend and head on down to Lula Ann Boutique. This trip to our shop is not to purchase your prom dress but to look, look, and look! Make sure you take a friend who will be brutally honest with you and tell you if the dress you're trying on fits you and make you look good or should stay on the rack.

You'll need to decide on a prom dress that is simple but elegant or one which makes that loud statement, can you carry it off? Look at dresses that flatter your figure. Do not choose a dress simply because it's the popular choice or looks good on the shop mannequin. Keep your figure in mind and find a prom dress that will accentuate your positive features. If you have a little more weight in the hips and tummy then you should avoid buying a dress that fits tight across the middle6760 red and bum areas.


If your bustline is one of your best features, then find a dress that reveals a little cleavage. Industry experts believe elegance comes in simplicity so if elegance is what you are looking for, then look for an A-Line dress in a color that compliments your skin tone and flatters your figure. Once you accessorize the dress with the right jewelery you will know that you made the right choice and that the prom dress is perfect for you - and only you.

We offer easy payment on stock prom dresses. £50 holds any dress and you can pay in installments up to collection of the dress on prom day.

For Prom Dresses in Birmingham - Come along to Lula Ann and take a look through out extensive in stock range of over 200 prom dresses available today in Birmingham.

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"£50 secures your prom dress, then pay as much as you like until collection, Simple"

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